Whether you’re here for a week, a month, or even longer, Alt_ChiangMai is a new type of coliving/coworking space that combines carefully appointed private rooms with a vibrant and inspirational community of like-minded professionals. Bringing people together and encouraging connections is our raison d'être, and we are passionate about our members taking control of their work/life balance – from when to focus to where to explore.

Alt_ChiangMai brings the advantages of a shared living and working space together under one roof. Whatever your project, each space is well thought-out and our intuitive designs adapt to the unique functions and interactions you require. Sign up, check-in and make the first step to becoming a seasoned Chiang Mai professional. We’re all here, ready to get started. The only question is: Are you?


Check-in for the week and test the waters, or choose from one of our many long-term solutions and turn Alt_ChiangMai into your home away from home. We like to encourage members to live a little differently, but we think you’ll like what we have to offer.

23 Ensuite

Coworking Facilities

Air Purifiers

4 Convertible

Multiple Communal
Living space

Natural Light
in all room


From in-depth prototype design workshops to light-hearted hackathons, we make sure there’s always space for our members and residents to get down to business. Connect with high-speed internet, feel the warmth of a hot seat and meet other professionals at regular social events.

Sound Proof
Phone Booths

Multiple working


Pantry Area

Super Fast

Meeting Room


Sip on a freshly brewed organic Chiang Mai americano or restore your energy levels with locally prepared mind-balls full of nutty goodness to see you through the day. Our café is suitable for early birds and night owls, open from 6am to 10pm every day.


Cold-Press Drinks


Everything you need for success

From stunning waterfalls to buzzing coffee shops, what more could Chiang Mai offer the travelling professional? How about a coworking, coliving hub that has all the resources you need for success on the road?

At Alt_ChiangMai, we understand that although downtime is as important as the hustle, everyone’s downtime is different. Whether you prefer to kick back with a guitar on the third floor or enjoy some kitchen therapy on the second, we have everything you need to re-focus and get back into the zone when you’re ready. All resident members will also have access to laundry machines, HDTVs, Netflix on tap, video game consoles, board games, various vending machines, ice machines, fitness equipment, yoga mats and much more!